Classic Whalewatch Flight

Kaikoura Whale Spotting Heli-Tour

Classic Whalewatch

Kaikoura's iconic helicopter tour, flying above Kaikoura’s deep-sea canyon, searching for a Giant Sperm Whale.

Trip Overview

This helicopter tour departs from our beachfront heli-pads and within minutes you'll be in the spectacular environment that plays host to one of the world's largest marine mammals, the magnificent Sperm Whale. From the comfort of our helicopter, you will enjoy the ultimate whale-spotting experience.

  • Enjoy spectacular, panoramic views of Kaikoura Peninsula 
  • See the seal colonies along the rocks at the end of Kaikoura Peninsula
  • If the whales are close to shore, the possibility of spotting dolphins
  • The possibility of seeing baleen whales migrating through, and humpback whales on their way back and forth from their feeding grounds down near Antarctica, to their birthing and breeding grounds in Tonga/Niue in May/Nov

Approx 30 minute flight. Minimum passenger numbers apply for flight to proceed.

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