Safety First

Our Safety Pedigree

Safety is the paramount consideration for all our operations. Since our establishment as commercial, EMS and tourist operators, GCH Aviation has had an enviable safety record. The vast experience of our pilots, regular training, familiarity of equipment, and extensive and continual exposure to the extreme terrain covered by our network, ensure that our safety record is maintained. This is complemented with in-house aircraft maintenance and quality assurance programmes.

GCH Aviation is an approved CAA check and training organisation. We are approved to carry out CAA 135.607 checks for many of the helicopter operators in the South Island.

Diamond Safety Rating

GCH Aviation is the only company to hold the prestigious Helicopter Association of New Zealand Diamond Safety Award for 30+ years continuous service without injury or accident to self, passengers or crew. 

Safety Policy

GCH Aviation is a family owned company. Each staff member is considered part of that family and treated accordingly. Equally, any person interacting with the company can expect to be afforded that same level of care and respect.

The company’s safety culture has evolved from a long-standing principle of ‘zero-pressure’, identifying there is no expectation for a member of staff to perform any task that they feel cannot be completed safely, correctly and to a high standard.

The safety, health and wellbeing of all is a company core value and considered a primary responsibility for all managers, employees and contractors. Reporting of safety concerns is encouraged by the company Just Culture Policy and supported by an organisationally diverse Health and Safety Committee and Senior Management.

GCH Aviation is committed to maintaining a safe working environment supported by a robust Safety Management System. Through continuous education, participation, collaboration and review, GCH Aviation personnel are dedicated to achieving a culture of safety excellence for all activities in the air and on the ground.

As an organisation GCH Aviation strives to lead by example and set the standard to be considered the premier aviation company in New Zealand. As a family our goal is to manage all risks to support the ongoing safety of all our activities.

Our Certifications

  • CAA Part 119/135 - Logo
  • CAA Part 141 - Logo
  • We hold the only Diamond Safety Award in NZ
  • Qualmark Gold